A Goddess in You— Antique Tribal Pendant: Shiva, Apetite & Ruby

A Goddess in You— Antique Tribal Pendant: Shiva, Apetite & Ruby
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THIS ORIGINAL HAS SOLD, I can create an alternative to look like this with another Antique centerpiece pendant. Please contact me, will take a week to create and ship. One-of-a-kind Antique Indian Tribal Pendant Shiva with Apetite and Burmese Ruby. Nearly 100 years of devotion to Shiva in this pendant from northern India. I have cleansed, and blessed this piece, and folded in prayers while creating this amulet for the Goddess within you. By wearing this amulet, your throat chakra will open for the world to hear you, bringing balance to your words and expression with softness. The ruby allows you to be grounded, and be in your strength as you convey your messages. Also aids in balancing what you ingest, take into your energy field of your body and bring into your life, things that support you, and not be destructive in your possible old pattern. Adjustable 16 inch or 18 inch length. A removable charm dangles on the back, a precious solar quartz teeny-tiny geode evil eye repellent hangs on the back of you, to keep those envious on-lookers that desire your dreamy sexy creation. Handmade antique pendant made of tribal silver (lower than 925 sterling), hand stamped or sand-cast with lost-wax process. SHIVA(NI)— the female form manifestation of Shiva, a form of Shiva, accompanied by his vehicle, a dog. Bhairava translates as "terrifying" and it is an adjective applied to Shiva in his fearful aspect.
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