Ametrine Fancy Heart Briolette Lariate

Ametrine Fancy Heart Briolette Lariate
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Ametrine is a unique quartz it's when amethyst and citrine grow in the same crystal. Very helpful for removing depression which leads to inner peace and tranquility. The combination of the two stones make Ametrine a very powerful money stone too and opens the third-eye chakra to higher psychic awareness and spiritual enlightenment. Its a stone that allows your higher-self to create things in this life from a spiritual level, manifesting your rightful path for your soul. Before ordering this piece, please know that the lariate closure now has be an "oval" and not the "hexoganal" shape that is shown in the photographs. Updated photos soon to be posted showing the oval. My gemstones may have natural inclusions and rainbows from the formation of the crystal, each with its own brilliant colors, and unique to its own. Please note, the item featured may not be the actual necklace that you will receive (unless you are first to purchase), but know that the quality and clarity is the same in this limited edition of this designed piece. AA Brazilian Ametrine on 14KT gold filled chain with lobster claw closure, 18" length, lariat adjusts 16-18 inches.
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