CROWN CHAKRA Clear Quartz Double-terminated

CROWN CHAKRA Clear Quartz Double-terminated
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Clear Quartz double-terminated point (both ends have natural growth to the point), can be programmed for any intention, therefore a great stone for anyone who is working on themselves. PLEASE NOTE: Each quartz crystal piece is unique and this photo above is a SAMPLE, not exactly the piece you may receive. All of my stones are hand selected by myself, for their energy and inner beauty. There may be inclusions (rainbows), phamtoms (natural growth striations that occur when a stone grows/mineral deposits embedded), size, length may vary. These crystals really have a nice glossy finish to them, almost like a Herkemer Diamond Quartz Crystal, which are quite expensive.Included are instructions included on how to program a stone with your intention you would like to work on. Clear Quartz Crystal Double-terminated on black silk cord, knotted closure, 16 inch length, 2 inch center drop.

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