Gem Kyanite

Gem Kyanite
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One-of-a-kind. Kyanite opens and balances all the chakras. This rich natural sapphire blue color is amazing and wuite hard to find this size and quality! Kyanite promotes psychic ability, opens 3rd-eye, aids clarity and understanding in Dreamwork. Allows for overall expression of your being, by rebalancing your chakra system. Enhances creativity. Reconnects nerves and tissues in brain, especially good for head traumas. One of the few stones that never needs clearing due to it growth structure. This item is a sample of what can be special ordered. Each stone is unique, and may have natural inclusions and some clear areas within the blue, but does not take away from the solid blue look. Please contact before placing order. AAA Gem Kyanite on 14KT gold filled, with lobster claw closure, 20 inch length, plus center drop, .5 inch high center stone.
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