Golden-Sheen Black Obsidian Bracelet

Golden-Sheen Black Obsidian Bracelet
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  • Item #: BRA-01

Golden-Sheen Black Obsidian Bracelet - Grounding energy, absorbs negativity from you, removes fear, shock and traumas. It also clears and protects you from harsh or negative energies/people surrounding you and your environment. When having a tough day at work or around arguments, clear stone daily under running cold water, for about 2 min's, with intention of removing any unwanted dense energies. The golden-sheen has chatoyancy (a cat's eye quality), is like a million eyes that act like a vaccume, sucking in negative energy surrounding your energetic fields. Please note, the item featured may not be the actual item that you will receive, but know that the quality is the same.

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