LUNATION — Full and New Moon Circles

LUNATION — Full and New Moon Circles
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with Olivia Olkowski

Full YONI Moon Circle at Brighton Beach: Sept 5


Location Outdoors in Nature,

Brighton Beach near Brighton 2 Street and the waters edge

   6:15-9:15PM • $25

Please arrive 6:15, PLEASE, NO LATE ARRIVALS. 

Brighton Beach Station, B or Q trains.

Find us near the water's edge at Brighton 2 Street.

Please make use of the bathrooms before they close, building on sand between Brighton 2-3 Streets.

Please DO NOT ARRIVE LATE.    Arrive by 6:15pm sharp.
DO RSVP or prepay online so I know you will be coming.
In respect of opening sacred space, the circle's energy will change is we have late arrivals, so please if you cannot make it on time, do not disturb the group until you see a break in drumming or that I stand up.

The sun sets sooner now and we need to leave the beach by 9:15pm.

Please join us for one last steamy summer circle at the beach. At least once a year I host this event, last month the few of us that showed up for the medicine work, had a powerful energetic intake before the solar eclipse time.

By shining your most sacred point, the Yoni (vagina, perineum), to the Full Moon, the moonlight charges your chi and life-force energy for the Winter months. 

Last year we had 25 (people arrive on time) to shine their nether regions to the moon (and to the walker-bye in the moonlight).

Do bring exact $25 change for the altar, bring/wear layers of clothes along with wearing your swimsuit (or undies for those last minute decisions), bring beach towel, sweater, wrap, etc. You will get cold when sun sets. We will be venturing into the water for a cleansing, so bring a set of dry clothes for after.

I WILL BE IN HEALING SESSIONS ALL DAY, appreciate an RSVP if you will be joining us. 

Blessings,  Olivia

917-215-4866 text ok before 6:15pm, I will shut phone off once circle opens.


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