Labradorite XL2

Labradorite XL2
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WOW, this one was hard to let go of. Labradorite from Madagascar, Brilliant flashes of big blues, greens. A sister to moonstone, and is a stone of Magic that links to the more mature aspects of the Goddess and fosters inner knowing of wisdom. Enhances, intuition, psychic perception. Provides relief from anxiety, hopelessness and depression replacing them with self-confidence and inspiration. Dispels negativity, enhances clarity of thought. Created a protective field in your auric field retaining your own energy and not have people feeding off of your life-force. Treats eye and brain disorders, helps regulate metabolism and digestive system. Lets you realize past patterns that manifest disease and amplifies ones thoughts and prayers. Works on all the chakras. See photos for scale, approximately 5.5" x 4".

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