THROAT CHAKRA Chalcedony with Amethyst

THROAT CHAKRA Chalcedony with Amethyst
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  • Item #: TH610

Chalcedony with Amethyst. Expression and communication of emotional needs, honesty, alleviates regret. Gives accurate visions, releases discord, strengthens liver, soul connector. Brings joy and clarity to your visions to move forward in life. My gemstones may have natural inclusions and rainbows from the formation of the crystal, each with its own brilliant colors, and unique to its own. Please note, the item featured may not be the actual necklace that you will receive (unless you are first to purchase), but know that the quality and clarity is the same in this limited edition of this designed piece. Chalcedony, amethyst on light blue silk cord, 16 inch length, 2 inch length center stone.

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