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TOURMALATED QUARTZ Brings all the energy of Black Tourmaline (see below) combined with the strong vibration of clear quartz to amplify this energy. These quartz crystals have a powerful ability to clear the auric field of negativity... and create a 'bubble of light' around your body to protect you. The addition of this light into your being, is a powerful quality of these stones. These stones may also be called Tourmalinated Quartz... and they are excellent healing stones on a physical mental, emotional and spiritual level. Like Black Tourmaline... they have a strong spiritual grounding effect as well as being psychic protection crystals.

BLACK TOURMALINE Purification, Protection Black Tourmaline has the ability to transmute and purify negative energy, protecting ones energy field against attachments, entities, and energetic debris. It is grounding and supportive, assisting one to overcome chronic stress or worry.  Black Tourmaline helps to purify the body of toxins and wastes, radiation.  It provides protection from electromagnetic energy and is useful to place near computers. Base Chakra.

This selection has more black tourmaline than clear quartz, Size: 16" long 925 sterling silver chain.

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