Teal Fluorite

Teal Fluorite
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This piece is actually an optical mixture of green, blue, and purple fluorite, that grows together. It has the powers that work on the heart and 3rd-eye chakras. Protection and healing connecting to the Heart with the Mind. Builds intuition, supports heart expansion, strengthens teeth and bones, calming and stabilizing. This piece is mesmerizing, has inclusions (natural occuring in the crystal growth process) and some have rainbows wthin the growth of the crystal. Helps open the Higher-Healrt Chakra, a new chakra that is opening for many people these days. My gemstones may have natural inclusions and rainbows from the formation of the crystal, each with its own brilliant colors, and unique to its own. Please note, the item featured may not be the actual necklace that you will receive (unless you are first to purchase), but know that the quality and clarity is the same in this limited edition of this designed piece. Teal Fluorite Drop on 925 silver chain with lobster claw clasp, 16 inch length. This beautiful items' stone has sold out. A new configuration of the stone will be available soon, please keep posted or email me.

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